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4 Benefits of the Mixed-age Montessori Classroom

4 Benefits of the Mixed-age Montessori Classroom

One of the distinct qualities of being a Montessori in California is our mixed-age class. We pattern this from the real-life scenarios wherein people are not grouped according to age. In the world outside traditional classrooms, we work, live with, and enjoy events with different people of different ages. This is a familiarity we hope to accomplish in our mixed-age classes.

Yet, that’s not the only benefit of this arrangement. Consider the following:

  1. Reduces Competition
    Children learn in their own unique way and phase. In our classes, we are promoting Learning through Discovery in San Gabriel California. Because of this, children don’t feel like they are competing with others. Each of them has their own learning process to follow.
  2. Fosters Trust
    Because the learners are with other children different from their age, they learn to develop trust in each other. The younger ones, in particular, learn to build trust in the older children. Meanwhile, the older children learn to value this trust placed in them. We believe this leads to Quality Education in Rosemead California.
  3. Develops Peer-to-Peer Learning
    In our Preschool in Arcadia, California, we have seen that children learn better when they see what other children are doing. For instance, they learn how to carry their toys or put on their socks because they are motivated that other children are able to do it.
  4. Nurtures Sensitivity
    Since the children are with different age groups, they learn to sense the needs of other children. As a result, they find a way to help address this need. This sense of responsibility is especially nurtured in the older ones. For instance, if a smaller child cries because a crayon got broken, another older child can comfort him or her. Mixed-age classrooms are a great environment to develop a child’s sense of responsibility too.

These are just among the many benefits of our mixed-aged Daycare classes. Are you curious about how we go about our daily activities? Inquire from us at Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia. We would love to hear from you!

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