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4 Tips: How to Nurture an Independent Child

4 Tips: How to Nurture an Independent Child

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! With excellent providers of Childcare in Temple City California, you will have an exciting journey ahead while learning along with your child.

As a school founded on Montessori in California, we believe that children can be taught, trained, and nurtured to be independent. Isn’t this what every parent wants, to see their children grow up to be their own persons, independent of you? Nothing is more fulfilling indeed than knowing that your child has grown to be a person of their own mind, responsible in everything they do. But first, we give them Integral Education in Rosemead California as a stable foundation.

At home, you can also nurture their sense of independence in the following ways:

  1. Assign Chores
    Even toddlers can be assigned with chores as simple as picking up their own toys. Simple assignments like these help them feel responsible, developing their sense of independence. When you visit our Preschool in Arcadia, California, you can also witness this kind of learning environment, providing individual and age-appropriate tasks for our learners.
  2. Affirm Love and Respect
    At home, loving and respecting your child is foundational in building up their independence. Your child will soon know that they will make mistakes. However, with your unwavering love and respect, they can learn to rise up from these failures.
  3. Model Independence
    Keep in mind that you will always be your child’s first teachers and model. Whatever you teach them in words, ensure that they will see it in your actions as well. In most cases, they will follow more what you do than what you say. To teach them how to be independent, show them.
  4. Appreciate Efforts
    When your child has manifested a level of independence, be sure to appreciate this. Your appreciation helps them to see that they’re doing something right.

The Daycare programs we extend at Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia are addressed to supplement your goals in nurturing an independent child. If you’re interested how this can be made concrete in your little one, enroll your child today.

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