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5 Differences Between Montessori & Traditional School

5 Differences Between Montessori & Traditional School

The Montessori program may be fresh to your hearing, but its impact on a child’s learning is powerful. To give you an idea of how distinctive the programs in our Montessori in California are compared to the traditional preschool, here’s a compilation of at least five of such differences:

  1. Learner-Centered vs. Teacher-Centered
    In the Montessori classroom, children are allowed to learn at their own pace with organized activities wherein the learners have the freedom to explore. In contrast, the traditional schools entrust the delivery of lessons from the teachers who will provide structured activities that make the lessons understandable.
  2. Free Time vs. Limited Time
    Inside a Montessori-based Preschool in Arcadia, California, learners are given the freedom to work on their lessons without as many interruptions as possible. Meanwhile, traditional classrooms follow a structured program and schedule.
  3. Age Group vs. Grade Level
    The Montessori classes for toddlers in Temple City California are based on the child’s developmental age, such that preschoolers are composed of 3-6 year-olds. Meanwhile, traditional schools subscribe to the chronological age of the students.
  4. Active vs. Passive
    Within the Montessori classroom, Enrichment Classes in Temple City California is provided in a very active setting where learners can discover the lessons on their own. On the other hand, traditional classrooms provide the lessons through discussions where learners listen, memorize, and undergo tests.
  5. Adaptable Lessons vs. Predetermined Lessons
    The programs and activities designed for the learners in a Montessori-based Daycare are very adaptable depending on the learner’s needs. This means that if the activity is not conducive to their learning, it can be changed. Meanwhile, traditional classrooms follow a predetermined set of lessons in anticipation that learners will conform and comply.

While it’s true that the Montessori curriculum has been around for years, it can still be empowering to learn and be refreshed of how its distinction from the traditional classroom can be beneficial to your child’s learning.

If you still have other concerns and inquiries about the Montessori classes, feel free to contact us at Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia. We’ll answer your inquiries.

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