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Dealing with Common Back-to-School Problems

Dealing with Common Back-to-School Problems

Children encounter a lot of challenges during the back-to-school season. At Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia, a top Montessori in California, we believe that the first step in helping them is for parents to stay involved.

As a leading preschool in Arcadia, California, we list down 3 common back-to-school problems and how to deal with them.

  1. Anxiety

    For first-timers entering pre-kindergarten in San Gabriel California (and even for older children), leaving their parents behind to go off to school can be a sad and scary experience. If you suspect that your child is anxious about going to school, talk to them.

    Find out the source of their anxiety. For instance, if they are nervous about their new teacher or starting school in a new environment, try to schedule an early tour or introduction to ease some of your child’s anxiety before school starts.

  2. Becoming Overscheduled

    Children can get very busy and overscheduled too. Today, most children have things going on beyond their normal school day – from afterschool lessons, extracurricular activities, and more.

    As a top provider of childcare in Temple City California, we recommend cutting down on extracurricular activities near the start of the school year. By doing this, parents and children may be able to transition into the new school year more easily. Additional activities may be added back in once your child’s school routine is firmly established and more stable.

  3. Loss of Interest

    Some children start off the school year eager and excited to learn – only to gradually lose interest throughout the year. If your child is losing their enthusiasm for school, talk to them. Ask why they are losing their enthusiasm for school and what would keep them interested year-round.

If possible, have the conversation with your child before the school year starts – not just when you notice them losing their interest for school. For instance, ask them what activities they would like to participate in at school. Then, encourage them to participate in those activities to keep them engaged throughout the year.

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