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Help! Can My Shy Child Still Socialize?

Help! Can My Shy Child Still Socialize?

Every child has unique stages of social development. Yet, in general, most children can be coached to build social skills and make friends early on. If they don’t have any developmental concerns, children can already overcome their shyness around the time they are at Preschool in Arcadia, California.

Are you worried that your child is still very shy for his/her age? Perhaps the following tips can help.

  • Sympathize with their Feelings
    Children have reasons why they feel shy. It is very useful for parents to know what these reasons are. When we find out the reasons, let us then validate how they feel towards these. For instance, if they feel afraid of meeting other children in classes for toddlers in Temple City California, let them know that it’s normal to feel that way. At the same time, assure them that the other children are nice and they will be friends after spending some time together.
  • Set an Example of Politeness
    So children can learn to make friends in a Daycare center, they need to get their cue from you. Even if you don’t realize it, children copy your behaviors and words. For this reason, ensure that they can see and hear a good example of politeness from you. This way, you can also teach them how to be polite to other children.
  • Know their Interests
    Children can also feel relaxed in environments where they are doing activities that interest them. So if you notice that they are interested in painting, you can bring them to events where other children can also paint. If you also bring them to a Kindergarten in Rosemead California, tell them that there are painting activities they can enjoy there.

At Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia, we know how children’s shyness can make parents worry at times. Yet, we also know that this can be overcome. Try our classes for Montessori in California! Let your child gain a meaningful learning experience.

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