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How Parents Can Support Montessori Learning at Home

How Parents Can Support Montessori Learning at Home

One of our core goals as a Montessori-based Preschool in Arcadia, California is developing your child’s sense of independence. We do this by providing practical activities that are fit to a child’s age. Since we supervise the children, parents can trust on their safety and wellbeing.

Our Enrichment Classes in Temple City California has shown us that even toddlers can already be taught how to be independent. As young as they are, they can already develop confidence when they receive proper coaching and assistance. Hence, we suggest the following activities that they can do at home so their sense of independence is also nurtured.

  • Dressing Up
    In our classes centered on Montessori in California, we have already trained toddlers to dress and undress on their own. It may take time, but they eventually get it. You can practice this activity at home.
  • Setting the Table
    Don’t let this surprise you, but at times, we even let toddlers help set the table in our Montessori-based Pre-Kindergarten in San Gabriel California. This can be as simple as them carrying their own lunchboxes. This may sound easy, but this already seals their independence a great deal.
  • Putting Toys Away
    Toddlers also develop independence in their own way of putting their toys away. Indeed, you can apply this practice even at home. In our classrooms, toddlers already know that they need to put back their toys. You can also instruct them in doing this same activity at home.
  • Taking Care of a Pet
    What’s amazing about caring for pets is that toddlers also develop an understanding of other living creatures. Along with that, they build on their sense of responsibility in caring for these pets. As a result, their independence is enhanced.
  • Wiping their Nose
    That’s right. Even in Daycare, toddlers can already learn how to wipe their nose on their own. Aside from this practice helping them with their hygiene, it also improves their independent lifestyle.

Are these activities making you more curious about the Montessori programs? Let us answer your inquiries at Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia.

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