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“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” — Maria Montessori

young woman teacher and little boy on private lessonMontessori Education

With Montessori Teaching, each of our programs is characterized by:

  • Active Individualized Learning
  • Upgraded Class
  • Close Student-Teacher Interaction
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Integral Education
  • Working at One’s Own Pace
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Independence
  • Grace and Courtesy

Montessori Curriculum

At our preschool in Arcadia, California, we incorporate the Montessori Curriculum into our programs as an innovative learning method. We focus on knowledge skills and specific learning outcomes according to children’s interests and developmental needs. Children encounter more challenging learning materials that are appropriate for their age and skills as they progress through the Montessori Curriculum.

Our Montessori Curriculum is divided into six key areas:

Practical Life

Practical life involves purposeful activities of everyday life. These activities typically include dusting, sweeping, and food preparation. Children observe anything around their surrounding, develop interest in understanding the environment, and gain knowledge by encountering real experiences to use their life skills in a meaningful way. Through practical life exercises, each child can develop self-confidence, independence, and the ability to face new challenges which help them prepare for reading, writing, and other advanced ways of learning.


Mathematics comes in different shapes and sizes. It deals with numbers and symbols in systematic and scientific ways and includes all sorts of patterns, such as abstract, numerical, shape and motion, and more. In a Montessori theory, math offers rich opportunities for children to enhance their motor skills and brain development, as well as their ability to understand concepts at different ages. We provide children with initial arithmetic explorations including counting, number recognition, and sequencing of numbers.


It is human nature to communicate with others in order to understand and build relationships with one another. For children, communication is a way for them to express their feelings, share their ideas, and continue to explore the world around them even such a young age. By providing children with opportunities to participate in language-based activities, they will be able to enhance their vocabulary and develop their written and verbal language skills. They are able to progress at their own pace with the use of concrete materials, such as movable alphabet and sandpaper letters.


Through sensorial activities, children are able to focus on the refinement of all their senses. They can enhance their ability to observe and classify with precision by encountering sensory experiences. Sensorial materials allow children to study the environment around them and use their senses to perceive quality and quantity in terms of shapes, sizes, loudness, textures, softness, composition, weight, temperature, etc. We provide different sense exercises that include grading and matching objects which allow children to stimulate their sense of touch, smell, sound, touch, and sight.


Geography encompasses two general areas—the physical and cultural aspects. Physical geography studies the creation of the earth, the formation of the universe, and all its outward properties, while cultural geography involves human society and culture. By presenting geographical materials, such as puzzle maps, flags, animal figures, land and water forms, etc., and using imaginative stories, children will be able to absorb knowledge and gain concrete experiences while learning the value and meaning of real-life physical environments and develop appreciation and awareness of the world around them.


Enrichment activities are considered an essential part of the children’s holistic development. We provide programs to enhance each child’s learning by exposing them to real-world experiences, letting them interact with their peers, and allowing them to discover their own interests and potentials at their own pace. We offer enrichment programs that include language class, music, arts and crafts, and more. Our goal is to provide children with opportunities to expand their learning in diverse areas.