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Sustainable Homework Support for Your Kids

Sustainable Homework Support for Your Kids

As a Montessori in California, we understand the difficulties parents can have when making their children do their homework. As much as we want to build responsibility and discipline for kids, Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia acknowledges that creativity is needed to make kids do what they should be doing.

When parents help in their child’s homework, it shows their commitment. However, this should not be taken as spending many hours over the table and directing the learning. Apart from the common assistance to answer assignments or finish projects, they can show support in many ways.

  • Demonstrating organization skills
    Parents can teach how the child can organize the school requirements of a kindergarten in Rosemead, California. While they may not have as many books as in their later grades, the skill to organize and sort things out is developed and can be applied in the future.
  • Knowing the teachers and what they are looking for
    As kids are studying preschool in Arcadia, California, parents can ask about their child’s progress. Teachers also have different expectations, and talking to them can help you understand their perspectives.
  • Monitoring and motivating kids
    A child’s mind loves to explore. Thus, ensuring kids observe discipline in doing their homework is not enough. Giving motivations to children can increase their commitment to the work. Parents can explain the impact of their assignments. They can also reward children. The rewards must be thought of as kids may only think the reward in the end.

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