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Tips to Improve Your Toddler’s Social Skills

Tips to Improve Your Toddler’s Social Skills

Maintaining relationships is a key life skill that your toddler can already start learning about. In our Preschool in Arcadia, California, we nurture an avenue for the learners to be with their age group so that they can communicate and play with other children who can respond at their own pace. We believe that well-maintained social skills are helpful for a child’s overall development.

With that, here are helpful tips on how you can empower your toddler to improve on their social skills:

  • Nurture an environment and culture of unstructured day with your toddler
    Allow them to decide on what they want to play or who they want to play with. With this freedom, they can feel supported and cared for which strengthens their confidence when they’re with other children.
  • Show your toddler that you enjoy what they’re presently engaged in
    If they tell you their experiences from their preschool Montessori in California, give them your full attention as though they are the only person speaking in the world. Respond to them with appreciative words so they will know you’re listening.
  • Allow your child to express their feelings and thoughts in a way that is appropriate for their age
    When they participate in our Pre-Kindergarten in San Gabriel California for instance, guide them in their glee, frustrations, and other emotional expressions.
  • Learn to respect your child’s feelings
    If they don’t want to play or talk with another child, avoid forcing them to do it. When you are respecting them about how they feel, they can also learn to develop the same empathy towards other children.
  • Play with your child using creative methods that will explore different feelings
    Playing can be an opportunity for your child to manifest different emotions which they can also display when they are with other children.

Socialization opportunities are open in our Daycare classes at Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia. To help your child improve on their social skills, enroll them to our Kindergarten in Rosemead California.

If you have other inquiries, ask us.

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