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What Makes a Montessori School Different?

What Makes a Montessori School Different?

A common misconception is that all preschools in Arcadia, California are the same. However, there are different kinds of preschools that offer unique methods of teaching. One such school is called a Montessori. So what makes a Montessori different from other kinds of schools out there?

  • Hands on Teaching
    Conventional schools or daycares rely on normal forms of education where a teacher simply tells the students what something is. A Montessori relies on learning through discovery in San Gabriel, California. This means they allow students to learn by doing and experiencing, while a teacher is there to kindly explain what they are discovering.
  • Play
    Rather than having children sit in a class all day, a Montessori focuses more on play. This makes the classes for toddlers in Temple City, California a great option for a wide range of children. However, they are not just playing but rather they are involved in educational type games.
  • Creativity
    A Montessori is focused on helping children immerse themselves into a creative learning process that can help them throughout their entire lives. Through this process, they will learn a variety of skills that will not only help them out in their academic careers but also in their personal lives.

When you are looking for a great way to give your little one a head start in life, you cannot go wrong by enrolling them into a Montessori in California. Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia offers a variety of educational programs that your children will love and that will also prepare them for their academic careers.

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