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Why Do Kids Have So Much Fun at a Montessori?

Why Do Kids Have So Much Fun at a Montessori?

As a Montessori in California, we firmly believe that education should be fun and hands-on. This is what separates us from other kinds of quality education in Rosemead, California. Instead of having our students sit in a classroom listening to a boring lecture, we educate through self-discovery and hands-on methods. So here are a few reasons why kids have so much fun at a Montessori:

  • Learning Through Play
    Unlike many preschools in Arcadia, California, we educate through play. Your children can participate in educational games that will encourage creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, and more. This is not only fun but it will help your children develop skills that will assist them for their entire lives.
  • Independence
    Our daycare focuses on improving the independence of your little one. We will help them become more self-directed. This means they will not have to rely on anyone else. They can play and have fun on their own or with others. We provide opportunities that allow for exploration that leads to creative self-expression and improved confidence. We value learning through discovery in San Gabriel, California.
  • Meeting New Friends
    Since we encourage our students to learn through play, they will have the chance to meet their peers and form friendships. These friendships may even last a lifetime and it will give something for your little one to look forward to every day.

We make learning fun and exciting! So if you are looking for a great preschool that can help your little one reach their potential, consider enrolling them into Learning Tree Montessori of Arcadia today.

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